Thursday, 19 December 2013

My Shelfie

Selfie seems to have been crowned the top word of 2013. I'm not one to pose so thought instead I'd take a Shelfie!

People keep books all over the house, with some taking up whole rooms. What may surprise you is that even though I own The Big Comfy Bookshop, my own personal shelves don't take up much room at all and are in fact tucked away in a small alcove in my sons bedroom, along with mounds of DVD's and CD's. Below is one small wall of my books. There are a few other places dotted around the house too; I have business books and my 'downstairs' book all neatly shelved in the living room alongside my sons children's books. I'd love if you could take a picture of your shelf, either all of them, one of them, as many as you like, and post the picture to the bookshop Facebook and/or Twitter!
I've added a little description to each shelf with certain books picked out so feel free to do the same.

The very top shelf has box files with house stuff and paperwork, so this is the top 'book shelf'. The usual family favourite Harry Potter is filed next to a load of Dave Gorman and Danny Wallace books, very funny and entertaining. Sandwiched in between these and my Nick Hornby's is a selection of literary heavyweights. George Eliot, Kurt Vonnegut, J D Salinger and a few more. The Hunger Games trilogy (awesome) sits next to Neil Gaiman's classic Amercian Gods, with a load of World Book Night books on top, the ones with the dark green-grey spine and the crescent moons on top. All these are yet to be read. I love my Hardback copies of The Time Travellers Wife and Norwegian Wood which is sitting at the top of the picture. These are limited edition from Waterstones. A few PS1 and Nintendo DS games fit in wherever I can find room.

A world of fantasy sits on the shelf below with a mound of Terry Pratchett (mostly Discworld, very gratefully received from my friend Dave @Nikon300boy), only half of them read. I bought my wife Heidi a load of Redwall books by Brian Jacques and they seem to seamlessly fit here. Some random books fit where they can. Scrabble and Munchkin board games also squeeze on the top.

This shelf is 95% Heidi's dance and theatre books. She teaches dance at North Warwickshire and Hinckley College and also writes. She is much cleverer than I.

The bottom shelf, or rather floor, has a few graphic novels, including a world of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (my wife's again, although I am also a big fan). A few more theatre books, some pregnancy books and a few Jackie Chan books. He's a hero to Heidi. The DVD wall is rammed so the West Wing box set (Best.Telly.Ever) sits here next to an empty shoe box that once contained my sons first shoes, and on top rests my harmonica.

I could take a picture of the other wall but I may leave that for the future.

I'd love to see your shelves!


PS. And here is a Selfie :

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EDIT! - Literally 10 minutes after writing this blog I have seen The Guardian have done THE EXACT SAME THING. Read their piece HERE