Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Earsldon Festival Experience

On Bank Holiday Monday I held a stall at the Earlsdon Festival. Last year saw downpours but the weather this time was simply glorious, in fact it was the hottest day of the year! Win!

It was my first time at the festival and I didn't have time to even have a slight browse after setting up my stall as the punters came thick and fast. But lets rewind slightly.
Side view - Note the book bunting!

I was slightly nervous for a few reasons. Reason 1. The last stall I had I sold next to nothing. 2. We were warned that parking was to be a problem with roads closed and to make sure we had a trolley of sorts to transport our goods (books are heavy!). 3. I have been to Earlsdon once and have no idea of the roads anyway! But...

I was let through the road closure (due to being a stall holder), I managed to park 30 seconds from Earlsdon Street, where the festival was happening and right behind the toilets (yes!). We were given stall numbers a few weeks ago and so I was about to go hunting for it when there right in front of me, by my car and toilets, was the shiny number 50, my stall! No problems whatsoever!

My previous 2 stall displays were more or less knocked together on the day but for this I spent 3-4 hours in the week getting the books I wanted out, and coming up with a better system. It definitely paid off. I had taken a photo of my 'run-through' and so knew exactly where each book would go. Within 40 minutes I had set it all up.

My stall
Within 3 people visiting the stall I had my first sale, and I continued to sell all day long. Between 1.20 and 1.45 there were not many people at the stall, probably due to folks eating lunch, but apart from that, it was none stop! Loads of friends, family and even people from twitter and facebook turned up and chatted to me and wished me well. At one point as soon as my good friend Jonathan turned up I gave him my awesome bumbag money pouch and ran for the toilet as I simply didn't have time to stop working during the day.

When we were due to start packing up at 4, even then loads of books were sold, with people looking through the boxes I'd just packed!
A green bagpipe playing man

It was simply none stop!
It was simply an astounding day. So much fun. Now with a little experience I'm getting to grips with how to approach a stall.
The next stall will be at Nuneaton URC (church by the Ropewalk) on May 18th.
I am also in the process of setting up my own book and craft fair and yesterday I received some dates so will be looking in the diary to see when would be best.

If you fancy a stall at that then just let me know via Twitter, Facebook or Email

Hope to see you on the 18th