Monday, 4 February 2013

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

Everyone knows Treasure Island right? Long John Silver, Jim Hawkins, erm, treasure. Well after realising that's as much as I know on the classic story I started to read it (on the Aldiko e-reader app). Straight away I was hooked. I vaguely remember watching a cartoon film version of it when I was young and the beginning of the book especially had me thinking of a very 70's Jim Hawkins (with flares) running away from a pub. What I failed to remember (or more likely it wasn't in the film version) was all the death and killing.

Before he has even left his home, Jim witnesses two deaths plus a pretty vicious attack which, lets face it, made me read even quicker. Silver turns up just as they depart to find the treasure and he's such a well written, rounded character. Even though throughout he is a big meanie, he is a Machiavellian genius that makes me love him. He's a goodie. NO WAIT! He's a baddie. HOLD THAT THOUGHT! He's a goodie again etc. 

It was a fantastic read and the only negative I found was I struggled with some of the lingo used. It was written in 1883 and contained 'Piratisms' (words pirates used, my phrase copyright 2013 MM), basically a lot of missing consonants making me re-read and finally understand. After 50 pages it became second nature though.

These classics are really floating my boat and I've given it 8/10 on the Comfometer.

The next classic is Pride and Prejudice. I'm on page 80ish at the moment and I'm enjoying it, although not as much as violent dogs (Call of the Wild) or Pirates (Treasure Island). Maybe Elizabeth will hack off Darcy's leg soon with a blunt axe? No?